PVC End Cap – 008


A.F.A.C. Ltd’s PVC STUDSAVER CAPS offer protection to studs and pins from physical damage, but can also be used to mask threads during some finishing operations.

  • General Protection
  • Dust Prevention
  • Scratch Resistant



PVC End Cap

The PVC End Cap. The ideal low cost protection solution for electrical connectors and fabricated assemblies. They can provide general protection or be part of a finished product.

AFAC’s PVC End Cap range is available in a massive variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Part NumberDia “A” (mm)Length (mm)Fits StudsBuy Now008-01.59-12.701.5912.70M2008-01.59-19.051.5919.05M2008-01.80-12.701.8012.70M2008-02.36-12.702.3612.70M2.5008-02.84-12.702.8412.70M3008-02.84-19.052.8419.05M3008-03.18-12.703.1812.70 008-03.18-19.053.1819.05 008-03.48-12.703.4812.70 008-03.48-19.053.4819.05 008-03.96-12.703.9612.70 008-03.96-19.053.9619.05 008-03.96-25.403.9625.40 008-04.75-12.704.7512.70 008-04.75-19.054.7519.05 008-04.75-25.404.7525.40 008-04.75-38.104.7538.10 008-05.26-12.705.2612.70 008-05.26-19.055.2619.05 008-05.94-19.055.9419.05 008-05.94-25.405.9425.40 008-05.94-38.105.9438.10 008-06.35-12.706.3512.70 008-06.35-25.406.3525.40 008-06.35-38.106.3538.10 008-07.14-12.707.1412.70 008-07.95-38.107.9538.10 008-09.53-09.539.5309.53 008-09.53-09.539.5319.05 008-09.53-31.359.5331.35 008-09.53-45.009.5345.00 008-11.90-19.0511.9019.05 008-14.27-25.4014.2725.40

Technical information
Stock sizes are available in small & large quantities. STUDSAVER CAPS can resist temperatures of up to 220°C for limited periods. Will tend to harden and shrink if exposed to high temperatures.

STUDSAVER CAPS come in yellow PVC. Other colours are available subject to suitable quantities.

STUDSAVER CAPS are ideal to cover ends of wire, tools and tubes.

Additional information


Standard PVC, High Temperature PVC (220°C)