074 – Silicone Rubber Bakewell Flat Cap


BAKEWELL FLAT CAPS can be used for masking purposes during finishing operations, such as electrostatic powder coating, E-Coat, wet painting, anodising and plating. They are also used as end caps to finish off tubes and rods.

BAKEWELL FLAT CAPS are manufactured from temperature resistant silicone rubber, To aid identification, like the other products in the BAKEWELL silicone rubber range, these parts are colour coded by inside diameter, so thatstock levels and stock selection is easier for the users.

Simple to use, the BAKEWELL FLAT CAPS are simply pushed over the stud, rod, or tube to be masked, after any pre-cleaning operations. After coating and stoving, the FLAT CAP is pulled off. Build up of coating can be removed by rubbing between finger and thumb, or by rumbling with suitable media to effect the coating removal. Once clean, the part can be re-used.

These parts can be manufactured in any colour, subject to quantity.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Product Number ‘A’ mm ‘B’ mm ‘C’ mm Weight (g) Colour Bag Qty Fits Stud Sizes Purchase Here
 074-04.45-25.40  4.45 25.40