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The BAKEWELL NUTTER PLUG is specifically designed to mask threaded holes in weld-nuts, rivet nuts, rivet bushes and self-clinching nuts.

  • Colour coded for size
  • Reusable
  • M5-M12






The weldnut plug is a simple design that provides customers with a device to mask threaded through holes like weldnuts. A snug fit either end and a lip that helps improve assembly efficiency.

Technical information
Its pull through design ensures a positive seal throughout the length of the thread during finishing processes, while the lip at the end prevents contamination of the lead-in to the thread.

Like all BAKEWELL products, the Weldnut plug is produced from heat resisting silicone rubber, colour coded by size for easy identification, making them ideal for use during electro-static powder coating and of other stoved finishes.

To mask a weld-nut, or similar fastener, the tail of the weldnut plug is passed through the hole in the nut. The end of the tail is pulled, drawing the larger diameter of the Weldnut plug into the hole. The stretching motion causes the body of the NUTTER PLUG to reduce in diameter. When the lip contacts the face of the nut, the tail is released. This allows the Weldnut plug to return to its original diameter, sealing the thread. The plugged nut assembly can now be coated.
After stoving, while the component is still warm, the Weldnut plug is removed by pulling on the tail again. This time the action will cause the lip to collapse into the nut, allowing the Weldnut plug to be withdrawn. After cleaning the BAKEWELL NUTTER PLUG can be re-used time and time again.

Bulk Buyers

Additional information

Part Number

NTR-04.39-25LL, NTR-05.33-12BK, NTR-05.54-25BK, NTR-05.84-25CL, NTR-07.24-25WH, NTR-08.51-25CL, NTR-08.89-25BN, NTR-10.67-25GY, NTR-11.30-25CL, NTR-12.45-25CL

Fits Metric Thread

M5, M6, M8, M10, M12

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