AFAC production process for custom parts

AFAC Production Process For Custom Self Adhesive Parts

The AFAC production process for custom parts depends on the part type.

Self adhesive masks are pretty straightforward. Having a sketch or drawing to work from can reduce turnaround time to a week or so.

AFAC needs to see a drawing to check that self adhesive masks are the practical solution for you. Once that’s done we quote for the items you need. Large and small quantities are simple to produce.

AFAC can hold stock of regular items. Storage conditions and ease of availability make ordering more straight forward.

Self adhesive masks are available in a range of materials, please ask for details.

Production Process For Custom Moulded Parts

Custom moulded parts are often simple to produce and can have a quick turnaround. As with self adhesive masks, a drawing is ideal but in most cases, AFAC will design a suitable part for your purpose. With 40 years in the industry, AFAC have the technical knowledge to design solutions. Designing new parts often takes as little as a week. AFAC also offer a rapid prototyping service for more time-critical needs.

Next in the process is pricing for tooling and parts.
Initially we produce a prototype mould to prove the concept. We can provide parts in a variety of rubbers at prototype stage. Cost per part is can be higher but for very small production runs, prototype tooling may suffice.


Turnaround for prototype tooling and parts back in your hand can be as swift as 7-10 days. Prototypes are faster to make using 3D printing, however this is only used to determine fit.

Once you’ve approved your prototype, you are likely to need production tooling.
To produce larger volumes of parts, production tooling becomes more cost efficient. Upon proof of prototype, production tooling is created, this typically takes 2-3 weeks. Pricing for tooling is subject to complexity and volume of part. AFAC tooling costs are very competitive and therefore give customers a pleasant surprise.

Shipping of parts has three stages. Customers want a first batch quickly. By using air freight, production parts can often arrive in 7-10 days. This initial delivery will cost more due to the increased cost of air freight.

For less urgent parts requirements, sea freight is much more cost effective. Sea freight is slower, taking 6-10 weeks for delivery. Therefore AFAC suggest you order a first batch via air freight. this will serve needs during the waiting period.

Once customers establish ongoing requirements, AFAC will hold stock, ready for overnight despatch. This is only available after the initial delay gaining stocks via sea freight.

Further Information

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