Die Cut Masking Tapes

Die Cut Masking Tapes

Manufacturers and metal finishers use Die Cut Masking Tapes to ensure that metal products are masked identically time and time again. Quick and easy to use self-adhesive shapes make it easier for operators to get the job right first time. This is important for customers producing quality critical components in sectors including Aerospace, automotive, defence and electronics.

Getting masking right during metal finishing processes ensures ease of assembly and minimises the need for re-work or waste. Making sure this is done using the simplest, most efficient method is where AFAC’s Die Cut Masking Tapes come in.


    Why use Die Cut Masking Tapes?

    • Increase Efficiency & Reduce Cost
    • Consistent Accurate Finish
    • Improved Quality of Output
    • Avoidance of Customer Returns
    • Reduced Waste & Mess
    • Save Time & Effort

    Why wouldn’t you use die cut masking tapes?

    Die Cut Masking Tapes are manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure customers receive consistent quality that can be relied on time and time again.

    How to use

    How to use them

    Ensure surfaces to be masked are clean, degreased and contaminant-free. Poor preparation adversely affects the use of masking tapes.

    Die Cut Masking Tapes are supplied rolled on easy-peel backing. Whether your operators are handling the rolls or you use a shape dispenser, care must be taken not to distort the shapes in order to achieve a consistent accurate finish. Once aligned, the shapes should be pressed down ideally with a plastic blade.
    NB. Handling shapes can be tricky when wearing gloves. If gloves are a necessity for operators, you may wish to consider using application tape for your shapes.

    Once your components are masked, they are ready to be processed.

    Once your components have been finished, you’ll need to remove the die cut masking tapes. This is best done while the coating is still warm to create the sharpest edges. Using a scalpel or weeding tool, the masks will lift easily, leaving a clean surface behind with perfect edges.


    Production Schedule

    How quickly will I receive my shapes?

    To Begin
    Use the form in the Get a Quote Box and send us the details of what you need. A shape, a kit, a collection of kits, whatever it is you require. If you need us to sign an NDA, upload it using the form or let us know what information you need from us and we’ll get that step out the way swiftly.


    Die Cut Masking Tapes are normally designed using a customer’s existing technical drawing. AFAC import the PDF or DXF and set to work producing a file matching the specification set out by the drawing. This file is then output for your approval.

    Depending on complexity this can be anything from a few hours to 3-5 days.


    Approval & Payment
    Once you’ve approved the template, dimensions, material and quantity, a final price is provided and a Pro-Forma raised. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.


    For volume production it’s necessary to produce a cutting tool from metal. This one off fee is dependent on the size and complexity of the template. It’s unusual for the tooling cost to be above £500 for our regular customers. This one off tool will usually last the lifetime of the production needs.


    Stock is held of all the standard materials, ready to be cut on easy-peel liners. Your drawing is then loaded into the machines that cut the tape. Using state of the art machinery, your shapes are professionally machine cut in a clean environment.

    Excess material is also removed from your die cut masking tapes through this process to ensure operators only have what they need, avoiding contamination, excessive waste and use of sharps when they’re being used.

    Rolls are then labelled and bagged ready for despatch to you. Typically Production is 3-5 days.


    Once your die cut masking tapes job is finished, it’s sent by overnight courier to your delivery location, ready for operators on your line to start masking.

    Who uses Die Cut Masking Tapes

    Die Cut Masking Tapes

    Manufacturers and metal finishers who strive for perfection. Perfection is challenging to achieve but excellence is possible and Die Cut Masking tapes can help achieve this.

    Most products manufactured from metal undergo some kind of finishing treatment. It’s normally to prevent corrosion and can often be an aesthetic finish too. Metal products are also normally part of sub assemblies which will be attached to other components before being sold into the market. When masking is needed, it’s normally been designed into the product for mechanical, electrical or safety reasons. As such, consistency is imperative and when quality impacts safety, getting it right isn’t a choice.

    The sectors most frequently needing the high quality standards achieved with die cut masking tapes are:

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Electronic
    • Marine
    • Defence
    • Rail

    Customers new to Die Cut Masking Tapes often fit into the following categories:

    • Businesses experiencing quality issues with finished parts
    • Organisations needing to improve efficiency to save time and reduce costs
    • Companies handling volume production with specific masking requirements

      Die Cut Masking Tapes Materials

      Die Cut Masking Shapes

      • Heat Resistant with Zero Residue
      • Quick & Easy To Use
      • Choice of materials
      • Options for different processes

      The range of materials used for producing Die Cut Masking Tapes is one that has developed over years of use and testing by manufacturers & metal finishers.

      From Wet Spray to Powder coating, there’s different die cut masking tapes materials to better suit each metal finishing operation. With the right material for the job, customers get a quality product that works and only pay for what’s required, keeping costs contained and wastage minimal.

      Crepe Tape • 80°C • 160°C • 200°C
      WS080176CP WS160320CP WS200392CP
      Colour Buff Buff Buff
      Max Temp °C 80 160 200
      Material Paper Paper Paper
      Adhesive Rubber Rubber Rubber
      Conformable Yes Yes Yes

      Crepe tape looks like ordinary masking tape but can withstand higher temperatures thanks to different adhesives and coatings on the paper. More conformable than polyester but less capable of taking the heat. There are 160°C and 180°C versions available and now there’s even a 200°C version.

      160°C Crepe Masking Tape

      Technical InformationRead more about AFAC's 160°C Crepe tape.
      Polyester Tape • 220°C
      Polyester powder coating masking tapes are usually supplied in green, red or blue. High temperature polyester tapes withstand up to 220°C and as such are good for most powder coating applications. This tape can also be known as PET tape where it is used to prevent weld spatter from adhering to surfaces. The Polyester film can be supplied in varying thicknesses giving it different properties. A thicker film is better for creating a barrier whereas a thinner film is better for conforming around shapes.

      Polyester tapes are supplied on 66m roles.

      Green Polyester Masking Tape

      Technical InformationRead more about AFAC's green polyester tape.

      Blue Polyester Masking Tape

      Technical InformationRead more about AFAC's blue polyester tape.

      Red Polyester Masking Tape

      Technical InformationRead more about AFAC's red polyester tape.
      Polyimide Tape • 260°C
      Polyimide is supplied in a gold / yellow colour.

      Polyimide offers the highest temperature resistance of the self adhesive materials supplied by AFAC Ltd. Rated at 260°C, Polyimide is used more often in applications such as flow soldering and dye sublimation. Also, frequently used as insulation in aerospace applications.

      Polyimide is supplied on 33m rolls.

      Polyimide Masking Tape

      Technical InformationRead more about AFAC's polyimide tape.