Blue Polyester Masking Tape

Blue Polyester High Temperature Masking Tape

Blue Polyester Masking Tape

Description: The industry standard plater’s tape, all products have a 1 mil polyester film backing with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive system engineered for no/low residue.

Uses: Designed to perform in all phases of masking operations for printed circuit board production. Protects circuits from splashes and chemical fumes.

Features/Benefits: Highly conformable for no-leak seals. Controlled unwind force enhances manual or machine application. The tough polyester film substrate allows for easy removal without danger of breakage or bath contamination.

Blue Polyester Masking Tape Data Sheet

Property Name PET Silicone Adhesive Tape
Thickness mil Basic 0.025mm
Thickness (mm) Total 0.060mm
Width (mm) 10~520
Length (m) 33/66
Adhesive Strength (N/25mm) ≥8.24
Elongation Rate 60%
Elongation at Break (%) 60%
Tensile Strength (N/25mm) 135
Maximum Temperature 250°C 10 min, no adhesive overflowed
Pollution Resistance 200°C, 2 hours, no adhesive remained on the object
Adhesive Ability (mm) 1 hour, displacement ≤3mm
Colour Blue

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