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Case Study: Self-Adhesive Masking Solutions for Waterproof Instrument Bodies


Welcome to AFAC Custom Masking Division! Today, we are highlighting a successful application of our self-adhesive masking solutions for a customer who designs and manufactures waterproof instrument bodies. This case study showcases how our self-adhesive masks and complementary plugs have streamlined their production process, providing flexibility and efficiency.

The Challenge

Our customer needed a reliable masking solution to ensure that specific areas of their waterproof instrument bodies remained clear during the powder coating process. This requirement was crucial to maintain the integrity and functionality of the instruments. Additionally, they sought a solution that offered flexibility to accommodate design changes and new trials without relying on external suppliers.

Our Solution

AFAC provided a comprehensive self-adhesive masking solution tailored to the customer’s needs:

  1. Red Self-Adhesive Masks: These masks are designed to withstand the powder coating process while ensuring precise coverage of the designated areas. The high-quality adhesive ensures they stay in place, preventing any coating from reaching the masked sections.
  2. Complementary Plugs: Plugs are used at both ends of the instrument bodies, providing complete protection and ensuring no powder infiltration during the coating process.
  3. Self-Adhesive Material on Rolls: The customer opted to purchase self-adhesive material on rolls, allowing them to cut shapes internally. This approach provides significant flexibility, enabling them to adapt quickly to design changes and conduct new trials without waiting for externally sourced materials.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of AFAC’s self-adhesive masking solution led to several positive outcomes for the customer:

  • Streamlined Production Process: The use of red self-adhesive masks and complementary plugs simplified the masking process, reducing preparation time and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: By cutting their own shapes from self-adhesive material rolls, the customer could easily accommodate design modifications and experimental trials. This flexibility reduced downtime and accelerated the development cycle.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: The precise masking ensured that critical areas remained clear during powder coating, maintaining the waterproof integrity and high quality of the instrument bodies.

Client Feedback

The customer expressed great satisfaction with the self-adhesive masking solution provided by AFAC. They highlighted the significant improvements in their production workflow and the enhanced ability to adapt to design changes swiftly. The reliability of the masks and plugs during the powder coating process was particularly appreciated, as it ensured consistent product quality.


This case study demonstrates AFAC’s commitment to delivering innovative and flexible masking solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs. By providing high-quality self-adhesive masks and complementary plugs, we helped our client streamline their production process and maintain the high standards required for waterproof instrument bodies.

If you are a quality manager, production manager, or product designer seeking adaptable and efficient masking solutions for your manufacturing processes, AFAC is here to assist. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our tailored products can enhance your operations.

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