Custom plugs available in silicone rubber, viton, epdm and more

Custom plugs

Custom plugs

AFAC has been manufacturing and providing custom plugs since the late 1980s. Our broad range of plugs can be used for a variety of applications, and we can also provide application specific custom plugs. If you couple this with a forward thinking approach to technology and customer satisfaction, then it would seem the best choice for all your plugs.

Whatever the application you will be using your custom plugs for, AFAC will be able to give you advice and reassurance throughout the whole process. In fact the process of ordering custom plugs in various different elastomeric compounds from AFAC is easy and customer friendly. Our focus is on providing quality products and quality service.

AFAC can produce your custom parts based on technical drawings you provide us, or we can consult with you to find out your needs and design them for you. As well as designing your mouldings, AFAC can also provide them in a variety of rubbers at prototype stage for your approval. Turnaround time on providing you with prototypes of your bespoke plugs can be as swift as 7-10 days. If you need them even quicker, AFAC uses cutting edge 3D printing technology to produce a prototype in as little as 2-3 days.

Once you have received your custom prototype, you have the opportunity to approve the plugs. If you are happy with them, great, AFAC will go ahead with the production. If for any reason you need them altering or changed, we will be more than happy to discuss this with you and provide you with an alternative. Once you are happy with everything, AFAC will have your plugs go into production and have them shipped to you as soon as possible.

Top five tips for ordering your custom plugs:

  1. Know what environment your custom plugs will be going in to help us determine the best type of material
  2. Be sure to advise the manufacturer how they will be used, fitted and removed
  3. State how flexible they will need to be so that shore strength can be determined
  4. Remember to oversize dimensions where needed to take advantage of the elastomeric properties of the materials.
  5. Tell the designer as much as you possibly can before the manufacturing process to avoid any delays with your custom plugs

Enquire about custom plugs by calling 0345 094 0993 or by using the enquiry form found on this link