122 – Silicone Rubber Bakewell Flanged Cap 04.4-12.7


BAKEWELL FLANGED CAPS offer a simple solution where an uncoated area around a stud is required for an earthing point for instance.

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The BAKEWELL FLANGED CAPS are stocked in most popular sizes from M3 to M12, with varying flange diameters to cater for differing customer needs.

As, like all BAKEWELL products, these items are manufactured from temperature resistant silicone rubber. This is colour coded on popular sizes for ease of identification. They can be used in many finishing operations such as electro-static powder coating, E-Coat, anodising & plating.

Application is simply to push over the stud after any pre-cleaning operations, processing, and pull off after stoving, preferably while still hot. Any coating build up can be removed by rubbing between finger and thumb, or by rumbling.