Custom Cut Masking Shapes

The ideal solution for intricate shapes. Pre-cut self adhesive masking shapes made specifically to your requirements.

  • A perfect, consistent finish
  • Masking will be right first time, every time
  • Less waste
  • Faster working
  • Improved efficiency


Custom Cut Masking Shapes

In addition to our range of standard tapes and self-adhesives, we also offer a bespoke, custom cut masking shapes service.

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Why use custom shapes?

Quite simply, why WOULDN’T you?

Using ready-made, custom cut masking shapes is ideal for an intricate, complicated item that needs masking. They are also good for larger volumes of identical items. Masking such items will require many hours of cutting, shaping and applying masking adhesives.All that time wasted with scalpels and knives, over and over again. All that wasted excess material that ends up in the bin. If only you could have the right shape ready cut, in any volume, size and style you require, all delivered ready to apply…


Our custom shapes can be produced from a large range of self-adhesives and tapes(for product details see below). We work to your requirements. We can work from your own existing template. Alternatively you can provide us with drawings or photographs and a spec list. From these we can create your custom cut masking shapes in any volume you require.

Tapes Specifications

High Temperature masking tape is available for use in various processes where high temperatures or hostile environments are likely. Polyester masking tape is for normal temperature powder coating, and polyimide masking tape is for PCB masking during wave soldering where higher temperature requirements are present. All high temperature masking tapes should be applied after cleaning operations, and removed while the component is warm. For our range of tapes please click HERE