• Thousands or a pair
  • Available in different materials
  • Standard catalogue of logos available
  • Custom artwork welcome
  • Individual service available

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Precision cut from masking tape, these logomasks are suitable for painting, powdercoating, plating, etching, hydrodip and much more.

Whether you’re creating, customising or restoring, logomasks can give customers a quick and easy way to get their chosen shape masked from most metal finishes. Whether you’re anodising, plating, powder coating or finishing metal works in any way, logomasks give you another item in your toolbag to meet customers requirements. Logomasks are easy to use, available in a number of different materials and help you stand out from your competitors.

The list of things logomasks can be used for is too long but here’s a few ideas.

  • Signs
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Bicycle Frames / Forks
  • Motorcycle frames / Forks

Set yourself out from other metal finishers by offering your customers LOGOMASKS for a premium finish.

You can pretty much have any shape cut from masking tape and it’s made easy to apply with a top sheet. It’s like putting on a vinyl sign but with logomasks, you’re going to remove them again to show the finish underneath.

AFAC has specialised in masking solutions for the paint and powder coating industry since the 80’s. That means we’ve a tonne of experience and expertise. Logomasks can be cut in a number of different masking tape materials to suit different purposes. Wet Spray is cut from low temp crepe on a rubber adhesive. Powder Coating Masks can be cut from a choice of 3 different polyester tapes with silicone adhesive to withstand the baking temperatures. At the top end we have Polyimide Tape, normally used for electroless plating and other processes with extreme temperatures.

AFAC’s Director, Ryan Mullins has returned to the business after 10 years working in the marketing industry. Creating graphics and having them cut in vinyl is pretty run of the mill in the marketing world. Ryan decided to test out the AFAC LOGOMASKS as an alternative method for metal finishers to add logos and graphics to metal works during their processes rather than secondary finishes afterwards. These masks leave a lasting impression on metal objects much longer than decals and other methods of supplementary branding.