M10 M12 Powder Coating Plugs | Silicone Rubber | 051-10/12


  • AFAC Original Design
  • Powder Coating Plug
  • Conical Bung with Cylindrical Head
  • Fits M10 & M12 threaded holes
  • High temperature 315°C
  • Colour coded for size
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Reusable

1250 in stock (can be backordered)


M10 M12 Powder Coating Plugs

BAKEWELL M10 M12 Powder Coating Plugs are silicone rubber Powder coating plugs designed by AFAC Ltd in the 1980s and copied worldwide today.

M10 M12 Powder Coating plugs from AFAC Ltd.

Ideal for powder coating, these silicone rubber M10 M12 powder coating plugs withstand stoving temperatures up to 315°C and offer excellent seals on threaded holes thanks to their purposefully designed taper. AFAC was a pioneering company for powder coating plugs back in the mid 1980’s when the company chairman set about finding the best material and designs for powder coating plugs.

Bakewell plugs were designed back in the eighties and have been copied many times over. Purposely designed to suit metric threads, customers who have used Bakewell Powder Coating Plugs tend to stick with them and use them again and again.

Perfect powder coating plugs suitable for other metal finishing processes.
Part Number Fits Colour Order Now
 051-02.5  M2.5  Red

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 051-03A  M3  Blue

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 051-04  M4  Green

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 051-05  M5  Lilac

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 051-05A  M5  Lilac

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 051-06  M6  Black

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 051-06A  M6  Black

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 051-08  M8  White

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 051-08A  M8  White

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 051-10/12  M10 / M12  Grey

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Because of their temperature resistance, the M10 M12 Powder Coating Plugs can be left in the hole during the stoving cycle, being removed, with a slight twist, to break the coating film, then pulled out of the hole. BAKEWELL Powder Coating PLUGS are an essential part of any metal finishers tool kit. Maximum stoving temperature 315°C.

AFAC manufactures and supplies a broad range of masking supplies to suit most metal finishing needs. Caps, plugs tapes, shapes and hooks are all part of the standard catalogue and then theres all the custom products we produce for customers too.