M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap | 074F-11.50-27WH | White | 27mm Long

M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap

  • M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap
  • Length: 27mm
  • Part Number: 074F-11.50-27WH
  • Colour: White
  • Silicone Rubber
  • 315°C


M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap

The M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap provides a simple masking solutions for threaded studs, rods and pins. The flat top silicone cap is a cylindrical tube with an oversized cap end. The internal diameters have been specifically to design metric threads, and other sizes are available too.

The M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap has a flat, oversized head making it easier for customers to use. It’s easier because the cap is easier for users to orientate without needing sight of the product. For automated production lines or blind applications this makes the operator’s job simpler. Also, where gloves are necessary for operators, the oversized head provides more grip.

Stocked in a range of sizes and made from silicone rubber, the flat top silicone cap is ideally suited to powder coating applications and other environments where heat or cold are an issue. You can read more about the properties of silicone rubber here.

The range of products available to mask male threads, rods and bores is broad. The M12 Flat Top Silicone Cap particularly suits high volume production and assemblies that require feet or damping. The oversized head makes this silicone cap more tactile for operators.

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