M12 Silicone Rubber Plug Green 093-009-GN



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The M12 Silicone Rubber plug in the HAMMERHEAD range is grey normally but these are green.. It’s double ended design makes it doubly useful.

  • It’s easy to get a hold of
  • It works either way round
  • We even price it the same as its single ended alternative
  • What’s not to like?

The M12 Silicone Rubber Plug in the form of AFAC’s hammerhead offers the fastest hole masking system available, by virtue of not needing any orientation before insertion into the hole. After any cleaning operations, the BAKEWELL HAMMERHEADS are simply pushed into the hole to be masked and given a quarter turn clockwise to lock them in place. They remain in place during coating and stoving, being pulled out with a twist, preferably while the component is still warm. Any coating build up can be removed by rubbing between forefinger and thumb, or in a rumbling machine.

BAKEWELL SILICONE RUBBER will resist temperatures up to 315 °C, making all BAKEWELL parts ideal for masking in electro-static powder coating, E-CoaT, wet painting, plating and anodising.

The double ended design of this M12 Silicone Rubber Plug will give twice the life of a single ended tapered bung.

AFAC has supplied masking products to the metal finishing industry since the mid 1980s. As one of the originating companies in the UK to supply high temperature masking supplies, AFAC has developed its own lines of devices that complement the generic ranges also available.

With millions of parts on the shelf, AFAC offers customers a variety of choices to suit most masking applications. As well as the stock lines, AFAC also produces custom made mouldings, extrusions and self adhesive shapes. With customers all over the country and around the World, AFAC can be relied on to deliver quality products at affordable prices for any size of business.

BAKEWELL HAMMERHEADS are colour coded for easy identification. AFAC defined colour coding for size. Originally silicone products were made in clear silicone. AFAC made it easier for users by developing a simple colour coding system across all the ranges.

  • M3 = Blue
  • M4 = Green
  • M5 = Purple
  • M6 = Black
  • M8 = White
  • M10 =Brown
  • M12 = Grey
  • M12 Special = Colour Green limited stock

AFAC also supplies customers with specific needs in different colours. Minimum orders and lead times apply.