M8 M10 Tapered Plug Stopper Silicone Rubber | 063-06.3B-BN


  • Suits 5mm holes
  • Silicone Rubber
  • 315°C
  • Re-Usable

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M8 M10 Tapered Plug

The 4mm 5mm 6mm Tapered plug is a simple plug for blanking off holes, Best suited to 5mm holes this version of the Bakewell Bung Tapered Plug range is a popular choice for bicycles and batteries.

The 4mm 5mm 6mm tapered plug is used to plug holes, both threaded and plain, to prevent contamination during finishing operations, such as electro-static powder coating, painting, E-Coat etc. In other finishing operations, such as plating and anodising, it may be desirable to exclude chemicals used during the processes.

A wider range of tapered plugs is available from AFAC Ltd, contact us if you can’t see what you’re looking for.

Part Number ‘A’ mm ‘B’ mm ‘C’ mm Colour Add to cart
 063-00.8-YW  0.8  2.5 16  Yellow

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 063-01.2-BL  1.2  5.5 38  Blue

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 063-01.6A-YW  1.6  3.2 16  Yellow

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 063-01.6B-OR  1.6  5 19  Orange

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 063-03-GN  3.0  4.5 12  Green

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 063-03.2-GN  3.2  6.4 19  Green

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 063-04-06-12-WH  4.0  6  12  White

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 063-04.8-BK  4.8  8.7  16  Black

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 063-04.8L-BK  4.8  8.7  25  Black

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 063-06.3-WH  6.3  9.5  19  White

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 063-07.9A-OR  7.9  12.7 20.7  Orange

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 063-10-GY  10.0  12.5 20  Grey

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 063-12.7-GN  12.7  16.7  25  Green

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 063-15.9  15.9  20.6  25

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 063-18-BL  18.0  24  30  Blue

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4mm 5mm 6mm tapered plug is a silicone rubber bung takes the form of a truncated cone. These are available in many sizes to suit micro size holes, up to some that will fit into holes of over 100mm diameter. With varying lengths and diameters, there will be one in the range to suit every need.

To give the maximum flexibility in use, most stock sizes are produced from silicone rubber, which we call our BAKEWELL range, as the high temperature resistance of Silicone rubber bung makes them ideal for use in high temperature stoving ovens used in powder coating. As they do not deteriorate with heat, they can be re-used time and time again. The coatings do not adhere well to the BUNGS, so they can easily be cleaned, manually or by rumbling, to extend their life.

Fitting of the BUNGS is best achieved by pushing into the hole, then rotating the bung, so it fills the hole. When removing, they can usually just be pulled out. This is best done while the component to still warm.

Should you find powder or paint gaining access to the reverse end of the hole, either select an alternative Silicone rubber bung, or use one of our TUGPLUGS, which are particularly effective when through holes are deep.

The Silicone rubber bung range, shown on the table, is available in silicone rubber and EPDM rubbers.

For popular sizes, we offer the Silicone rubber bung ranges colour coded by size to make selection and re-ordering easy.

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