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BAKEWELL FIRTREE Flangeless PLUGS are temperature resistant silicone rubber hollow tapered plugs, with annular rings along its taper. These assist the plug to fit into holes that need masking or protecting.

Flangeless Plugs, also called BAKEWELL® FIRTREES, feature a handgrip on the top to assist in insertion and subsequent removal.

Identical flangeless plugs made from EPDM and neoprene rubbers are also available where extremes of temperature aren’t present.

The Flangeless Plugs are used to mask holes, both plain and threaded, during finishing operations such as electro-static powder coating, E-Coat, wet painting, plating and anodising. They are also useful for temporary plugging up of pipes and hoses to prevent ingress of dirt.

Like other BAKEWELL silicone rubber parts in our ranges, the Flangeless plugs are colour coded by size, for easy identification and selection.

Flangeless Plugs

Part Number ‘A’ mm ‘B’ mm Weight Fits Buy Here
FIRS-04.0-06.0 5.99 3.99 1.12 M5-M6

£0.05Add to basket

FIRS-06.0-08.0 8.00 5.99 1.70 M7-M8

£0.08Add to basket

FIRS-08.0-10.0 10.01 8.00 2.21 M10

£0.09Add to basket

FIRS-10.0-12.0 11.99 10.01 2.60 M12

£0.11Add to basket

FIRS-12.0-14.0 14.00 11.99 3.40 M14

£0.13Add to basket

FIRS-14.0-16.0 16.00 14.00 3.80 M16

£0.15Add to basket

FIRS-16.0-18.0 18.01 16.00 4.85 M18

£0.17Add to basket

FIRS-18.0-20.0 19.99 18.01 6.70 M20

£0.19Add to basket

FIRS-24.0-26.0 26.01 24.00 12.90 M25

£0.25Add to basket

BAKEWELL silicone rubber parts including flangeless plugs can be subjected to temperatures of up to 315C and, for laboratory applications, to extreme cold, without deterioration. They can also be re-used after removal of any excess coating build up.


Additional information

Part Number

FIRS-04.0-06.0, FIRS-06.0-08.0, FIRS-08.0-10.0, FIRS-10.0-12.0, FIRS-12.0-14.0, FIRS-14.0-16.0, FIRS-16.0-18.0, FIRS-18.0-20.0, FIRS-20.0-22.5, FIRS-22.5-24.0, FIRS-24.0-26.0, FIRS-26.0-28.0


4mm – 6mm, 6mm – 8mm, 8mm – 10mm, 10mm – 12mm, 12mm – 14mm, 14mm -16mm, 16mm – 18mm, 18mm – 20mm, 20mm – 22.5mm, 22.5mm – 24mm, 24mm – 26mm, 26mm – 28mm

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