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AFAC Lockdown Move

The plan had always been to be in the new premises for April 1st. The plan was not to move everything on my own in my van! That’s how it turned out though…

Beginning of March my wife and I self isolated for 2 weeks in accordance with advice having travelled from Italy. Just as we were coming to the end of this, the government closed schools and lockdown began. Mid March, country in lockdown, new premises to move to, old premises to get out of.

Had no choice, I had to start loading up my van and getting on with it. I’m so glad I’d put in the time to planning what was going where some time in advance…

It probably took 15 van loads in the end and a lot of lifting. Knowing where everything was going and having extra space to spread out actually made the move pretty painless. By April 1st I was sat at my desk. Patchy internet and phone coverage but that’s to be fixed.

I’m pleased to say, just as manufacturing demands have started shifting, the business is in its strongest position yet to be able to service new customers with urgent supplies.

The website also had a large overhaul before the move to make finding products and options easier than ever.