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How custom cut masking shapes have evolved.

Custom Cut Masking Shapes

Making custom cut masking shapes has got easier than ever and nowadays it’s completely feasible to run low quantities or even one offs. As technology has become more and more available, and consumer demands have increased, particularly in the hobbying sector, accessing tools and machines is the easiest it’s ever been.

Custom cut masking shapes were historically a thing that only the larger manufacturers could access. This was because the machinery and set up required to produce these items was both large and expensive. It’s fair to say that the quality of desk-top machinery can suffer as a result of reduced manufacturing costs, along with precision but as with most things, there is an acceptable entry level for most different demands.

Over the past few years, demand for personalisation has made many manufacturers more accomodating. Where years ago, ordering a car with your own options was a pleasure reserved for the more prestigious brands, times have changed and even greetings cards are now produced in an “on-demand” environment.

The demand for custom cut masking shapes is wide reaching. From the largest of manufacturers who need precision and volume to the hobbyist producing electronics or sublimation where heat and other aggravating factors affect the types of masking tapes necessary.

Industrial masking tapes are a far reach from the standard buff coloured paper tape you can buy in the local shop. Some even look the same but they have very different properties that enable them to operate in far harsher environments than your typical household decorating needs.

High temperatures are required in many applications where masking is desired. Whether it be ovens used to bake finishes and treatments or the heat required to solder circuit boards, the temperature needs can be much higher than anything the standard masking tape will withstand.

Then there’s contamination. Unfortunately, the materials which will withstand the environments can also be known to contaminate chemicals and finishes. It’s led to there being many options for masking tapes that are commonly used in industry but consumers can find harder to get their hands on. That was until now.

Suppliers including AFAC have gone to extra lengths to provide low volume solutions for customers. These include both supply only of material so customers can “cut their own” and low volume production for customers without their own cutting facilities.