Silicone Rubber Blind Hole Plug | BHP


Designed specifically to mask blind holes during finishing operations, the temperature resistant silicone rubber BAKEWELL BLIND HOLE PLUG will mask blind holes and protect the initial turn of thread from contamination.

  • Colour coded for size
  • M3-M8
  • Made for blind holes
  • Withstand up to 315°C


The BLIND HOLE PLUG is installed after any pre-cleaning operations, by placing the chamfered end into the hole and rotating it clockwise to draw it into the hole.

After coating and stoving, the plug is simply pulled out and after cleaning off of any build up of coating material, it is ready for re-use.

They can be used in electrostatic powder coating, wet painting, plating and anodising.


Additional information

Part Number

BHP-M02.5, BHP-M03, BHP-M03.5, BHP-M04, BHP-M05, BHP-M06, BHP-M08

Fits threaded holes

M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M8