M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug 078-04.80-16


M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug or TUGPLUGS, offer the most efficient means of masking plain and threaded through holes by providing a total seal of the hole. This makes the M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug or TUGPLUG the idea choice when thread or holes require total protection, particularly in aerospace and precision engineering area.

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M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug or tugplug is a parallel sided pullplug used in electroplating and anodising applications. It is suited to masking applications using immersion in the process. Due to the way the plug fits the holes, it creates a seal at either end reducing ingress from coating fluids.

Technical Information

The M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug is easily fitted by passing the tail of theM5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug through the hole in the component and pulling on it when it reaches the hole. This has the effect of stretching the body, reducing its diameter, allowing it to be drawn into the hole requiring masking. Once far enough in, the tail is released, allowing the body of the TUGPLUG to expand, sealing the hole totally. The part can now be processed. Once the finishing operation is complete, the TUGPLUG is removed by pulling on the tail again, drawing it out of the hole.

TUGPLUGS can be reused time and time again. Any build up of coatings can be easily removed by rubbing between finger and thumb, or by rumbling.

M5 Silicone Rubber Pull Plug or TUGPLUG is stocked in silicone rubber, with plugs in EPDM rubber being available if required. Silicone rubber pull Plugs to suit popular thread sizes are colour coded for ease of identification and re-ordering.

BAKEWELL TUGPLUGS can be used in many finishing operations ranging from electro-static powder coating, E-Coat, wet paint, to anodising and plating.