M8 Silicone Rubber Tube | Sleeve | 055 Bakewell Tube


M8 Silicone Rubber Tube

  • Colour Coded for Size
  • M8 White Tube
  • 50mm cut lengths
  • Multi purpose
  • High Temperature 315°c
  • Re-useable

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M8 silicone rubber tube

M8 silicone rubber tube

M8 Silicone Rubber tube BAKEWELL TUBES are supplied in cut lengths for ease of use, though continuous lengths can be supplied. BAKEWELL TUBES are colour coded to aid identification.

Silicone rubber tube is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you choose from our standard stocked parts or you need silicone rubber tube made specially for you, AFAC has everything you need in the way of silicone rubber tubing and sleeves.

A.F.A.C. M8 silicone rubber tube or BAKEWELL TUBES offer a quick means of masking studs and pins during electro-static coating, stove enamelling, electro plating and anodizing processes, resisting temperatures of up to 315°C, and can be re-used time and time again.

Bakewell tubes are pushed over the stud to be masked, after any cleaning operations. The components can now be processed. After cooling, the bakewell tubes are then pulled vertically over the stud. Any coating build up on the tubes can be easily remove by rubbing the tubes between the fingers or by rumbling with suitable media. The M8 silicone rubber tube bakewell tubes are now ready to reuse.

Bakewell tubes are normally supplied in cut lengths. These lengths are normally determined by the longest studs readily available to industry. When you stock bakewell tubes, you can be assured that they will fit onto your next job too. Shorter of longer length tubes can be manufactured, subject to suitable order quantities.

M8 silicone rubber tube Bakewell tubes are manufactured specifically to give the optimum fit onto your product, without being to loose and falling off, and not too tight to make removal difficult. They are colour coded too, to make identification easy.

If silicone rubber tube in cut lengths is not what you are looking for please give us a call on 0345 094 0993

We can do things the old-fashioned way pretty well too. Our helpful and friendly team are on hand to assist you.


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Part Number

055-M02-40, 055-M02.5-40, 055-M02.5-XX, 055-M03-40, 055-M03-XX, 055-M04-40, 055-M04-XX, 055-M05-40, 055-M06-50, 055-M06-XX, 055-M08-50, 055-M08-XX, 055-M10-50