Green Powder Coating Masking Tape


Green Powder Coating Masking tape is ideal for high temperature requirements during processes such as powder coating, electro-plating, anodizing, and wave soldering.

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Green Powder Coating Masking tape

Green Powder Coating Masking tape can be used for a variety of high temperature applications.

High Temperature powder coating masking tape is available for use in various processes where high temperatures, or hostile environments are likely. All high temperature masking tapes should be applied after cleaning operations, and removed while the component is warm.

Polyester powder coating masking tapes are usually supplied in a green colour, but are also supplied in red or blue. Powder Coating masking tapes are supplied on 66 metre rolls. All tapes have a shelf life in excess of 12 months, if stored correctly. They should be kept dry, out of sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures to give the longest storage life. Should our standard tapes not meet your particular needs, tapes produced from other materials such as aluminum foil, lead etc can be supplied to order. Standard ranges can also be offered in other widths if necessary. All tapes can also be supplied cut into shapes for masking specific areas. Check out Custom Cut Shapes here.


Part Number Width (mm) Roll Length (m) Buy Now
085-210C-006.0 6 66

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085-210C-008.0 8 66

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085-210C-010.0 10 66

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085-210C-012.0 12 66

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085-210C-013.0 13 66

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085-210C-015.0 15 66

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085-210C-016.0 16 66

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085-210C-020.0 20 66

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085-210C-022.0 22 66

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085-210C-025.0 25 66

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085-210C-030.0 30 66

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085-210C-050.0 50 66

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085-210C-075.0 75 66

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085-210C-150.0 150 66

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085-210C-006.0, 085-210C-006.4-L, 085-210C-008.0, 085-210C-010.0, 085-210C-010.0B, 085-210C-012.0, 085-210C-013.0, 085-210C-015.0, 085-210C-016.0, 085-210C-016.0B, 085-210C-019.0R, 085-210C-020.0, 085-210C-022.0, 085-210C-022.0R, 085-210C-025.0, 085-210C-025.0R, 085-210C-025.4, 085-210C-030.0, 085-210C-030.0R, 085-210C-040.0B, 085-210C-045.0B, 085-210C-050.0, 085-210C-050.0R, 085-210C-075.0, 085-210C-150.0, 085-260C-008.0-B, 085-260C-025.0-A, 085-260C-025.0-B, 085-260C-025.0-B-10M, 085-260C-025.4-B, 085-260C-040.0-B, 085BL-220C-010.0, 085BL-220C-016.0, 085BL-220C-020.0, 085BL-220C-040.0, 085BL-220C-045.0, 085CP-200C-025.0, 085CP-GP-025.0-50M, 085CP-GP-050.0-50M, 085DS-CP-LT/HT-010.0, 085FLUO-050.0-10M-YW, 085GF-198-025.0, 085K-260C-025.0, 085K-260C-040.0, 085K-260C-050.0-33M, 085LD-012.7-33M, 085LD-025.4-33M, 085PVC-070C-013.0R, 085RD-220C-019.0, 085RD-220C-022.0, 085RD-220C-025.0, 085RD-220C-030.0, 085RD-220C-050.0, 085RD-220C-150.0

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