Silicone Rubber Bakewell Mousetail Plug


  • Ideal for precision parts
  • Heat resistant up to  315•C
  • Colour coded for size
  • Re-usable
Standard sizes are shown below. Specials can be produced.

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Silicone Rubber Bakewell Mousetail Plug

Ideal for masking precision parts.

Part No 'A' mm 'B' mm 'C' mm Weight (g)
MOU-0.56-2.01-34GY 2.01 0.56 33.78 0.06
MOU-0.58-2.03-53GN 2.03 0.58 52.83 0.09
MOU-0.79-2.11-49LL 2.11 0.79 49.02 0.10
MOU-0.79-2.54-53CL 2.54 0.79 52.83 0.15
MOU-0.58-3.18-51BL 3.18 0.58 50.80 0.19
Technical information
The Silicone Rubber Bakewell Mousetail plug is used to mask small diameter, through holes, during finishing operations, ideally suited to masking precision parts.

Normally made from silicone rubber which withstands 315°C, The Silicone Rubber Bakewell Mousetail plug is ideal for powder coating, plating and other metal finishing processes. At the reverse end of the scale, as they are also happy in extremes of cold, they also find applications in laboratories.

The popular sizes of mousetails are colour coded for ease of identification and re-ordering. Custom versions are also available when something in the standard range doesn’t suit.

Like all BAKEWELL silicone products, The Silicone Rubber Bakewell Mousetail plug will not deteriorate in extreme cold or temperatures up to 315C, making them ideal for use in Cerakote, anodising, plating and electro-static powder coating applications, where high temperature stoving is necessary.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Part Number

MOU-0.56-2.01-34GY, MOU-0.58-2.03-53GN, MOU-0.79-2.11-49LL, MOU-0.79-2.54-53CL, MOU-0.58-3.18-51BL