074A | Silicone Rubber Caps


Silicone Rubber caps or BAKEWELL CAPLUGS are a dual purpose masking device that withstand up to 315ºC.

They can be used to mask studs, screws and pins, but can also be used as plugs to mask threaded and plain holes.

Used for:

  • Powder coating
  • Anodising
  • Electroplating
  • Hydrodipping

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Whatever purpose you want silicone rubber caps for, there are tons of options and most are in stock for next day delivery.



BAKEWELL Silicone Rubber Caps are one of the most popular products chosen for covering pins, studs, rods and wires during finishing operations and assembly.

Silicone Rubber caps are suitable for many applications, from general protection to high temperature masking.


Manufactured from silicone rubber, Silicone Rubber caps or BAKEWELL CAPLUGS are ideal for masking during electro-static powder coating, stove enamelling, E-Coat, plating and anodising.
Part No ‘A’ mm Length ‘B’ mm Fits Colour Buy Now
074A-01.80-25YW 1.78 19.05 M2 Yellow

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074A-02.80-19BL 2.77 19.05 M3 Blue

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074A-02.80-25BL 2.77 25.40 M3 Blue

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074A-03.76-19GN 3.76 19.05 M4 Green

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074A-03.76-25GN 3.76 25.40 M4 Green

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074A-04.75-25LL 4.75 25.40 M5 Lilac

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074A-05.66-12CL 5.66 12.07 M6 Clear

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074A-05.66-25CL 5.66 25.04 M6 Clear

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074A-07.49-25CL 7.49 25.40 M8 Clear

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074A-07.49-38CL 7.49 38.10 M8 Clear

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074A-07.90-25WH 7.92 25.40 M8 White

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074A-07.90-38WH 7.92 38.10 M8 White

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074A-11.90-25GY 11.89 25.40 M12 Grey

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The high temperature resistance means they can be re-used over and over.

Using Silicone Rubber Caps

When used as rubber caps, the CAPLUG is simply pushed over the stud or pin requiring masking. As a plug, it is often best to push the Silicone Rubber caps into the hole to be masked, using a radiused end insertion tool, or on larger sizes, the end of a pencil or pen.

After processing, the Silicone Rubber cap is simply removed, while the component is still hot. Any coating build up can be removed manually, or in a rumbler.

Silicone Rubber Caps Sizes

Popular sizes are colour coded to assist in selection and identification. The table shows the range available and what parts best suit the threads to be masked.

Additional information

Part Number

074A-00.51-12BK, 074A-01.80-25YW, 074A-02.03-19OR, 074A-02.40-19RD, 074A-02.40-12RD, 074A-02.40-19YW, 074A-02.54-12CL, 074A-02.54-25CL, 074A-02.54-38CL, 074A-02.80-12YW, 074A-02.80-19BL, 074A-02.80-25BL, 074A-03.50-25, 074A-03.76-12GN, 074A-03.76-19GN, 074A-03.76-25GN, 074A-04.00-25, 074A-04.37-38CL, 074A-04.57-25CL, 074A-04.70-25, 074A-04.75-12LL, 074A-04.75-25LL, 074A-04.75-38CL, 074A-05.66-12CL, 074A-05.66-25CL, 074A-05.66-38CL, 074A-05.90-25BK, 074A-05.90-38BK, 074A-06.60-25CL, 074A-07.49-25CL, 074A-07.49-38CL, 074A-07.90-25WH, 074A-07.90-38WH, 074A-08.64-25CL, 074A-09.50-25BN, 074A-09.50-38BN, 074A-10.31-25CL, 074A-11.58-25GN, 074A-11.90-25GY, 074A-12.70-38LG, 074A-12.70-38, 074A-14.27-20CL, 074A-14.27-38BL, 074A-15.87-38LB, 074A-17.45-16, 074A-18.54-38CL, 074A-19.05-50CL, 074A-19.05-90CL, 074A-24.64-38CL

Heat Resistance



Colour coded by size for more popular sizes.


Silicone Rubber, EPDM

Internal Diameter

00.51, 01.80, 02.03, 02.40, 02.54, M3 – 02.80, 03.50, M4 – 03.76, 04.37, M5 – 04.57, M5 – 04.75, M6 – 05.66, 6mm – 05.90, 06.60, M8 – 07.49, 07.90, 08.64, M10 – 09.50, 10.31, M12 – 11.90, 12.70, 14.27, 15.87, 17.45, 18.54, 19.05, 34.29, 50.80

Internal Length

12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm

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