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Design & Manufacture – Special Parts moulded and extruded to specification

How it begins

At A.F.A.C., we often are asked by customers how to solve a particular problem they have. Once we have the details of what the problem is, we attempt to match one of our standard products to solve the problem. Usually we can achieve this, either with a standard part, or perhaps using a part in a different way to how it was designed to be used. If however this isn’t possible, we can design a custom part for the customer.

The design process

Surprisingly, this isn’t usually difficult as we have over 30 years experience in problem solving. Once we have discussed with the customer what they are trying to achieve, we usually receive a drawing, or a sample of the part that needs masking, so we can design a suitable product. This can usually be done in 24 to 48 hours, with close liaison with our Chinese partners. Drawings are produced showing the proposed part, which we send to our customer for his approval. From here we carefully cost out the manufacturing and tool costs, freight costs etc, so we can make an accurate offer to our customer.


Once accepted, a prototype tool is manufactured and samples produced. These are forwarded to the customer, usually within 3 weeks, for approval. This allows us to modify the design if necessary to best meet the requirements for the part. Once approved, production tools are manufactured and parts moulded. If these are required quickly, we arrange for the initial delivery to the U.K. by courier, allowing the balance to follow by sea, with our regular stock consignments.


In this tried and tested way, we can design, develop and supply special parts to customers, quickly, economically and quality assured. If you need a special part moulded in silicone, EPDM, neoprene or Viton, ask for our help! They don’t even need to be for masking either!