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A4 Green Polyester Sheets are available to buy so customers who want to cut their own high temperature masking shapes can do just that.

More information on Green Polyester can be found here.

AFAC has supplied custom cut shapes to the metal finishing industry for years. Due to rising demand from powder coaters running their own plotters and cutters, AFAC has launched this line in the high temperature self adhesive tapes category.

Perfect for powder coating and other high temperature metal finishing environments, A4 green polyester sheets offer customers the opportunity to work with industrial standard materials.

Instructions for using A4 Green Polyester Sheets

Your A4 Green Polyester Sheets will be supplied flat, laminated to a clear backing.

  • Set up your plotter for A4 sheets. Adjust cutting depth accordingly (We’ve used 120 pressure successfully). This may take some testing so we’d recommend cutting some small designs before setting your plotter to work on a larger design.
  • Cut your designs
  • Weed out any excess material not wanted in the mask and discard.
  • Cut application tape to size (the clear material releases the masks more easily than alternatives)
  • Clean item to be coated to ensure any grease or contaminants are removed. Ensure you wear nitrile or other gloves whilst handling item to be coated.
  • Remove glossy liner carefully from masks ensuring you’ve got all the green material you want on the application tape.
  • Carefully align the application tape so your mask is where you want it to be. The tape can be lifted to reposition but be careful not to stick intricate parts before you’ve positioned correctly.
  • Using a plastic scraper, apply the masks by pressing the application tape firmly to the item to be masked. Makes sure you’ve done this on the whole mask.
  • Remove application tape.
  • Repeat with any other masking to be applied to the item.
  • Coat item and bake.
  • Remove mask while still warm.

About AFAC

AFAC has supplied masking products to the metal finishing industry since the mid 1980s. As one of the originating companies in the UK to supply high temperature masking supplies, AFAC has developed its own lines of devices that complement the generic ranges also available.

With millions of parts on the shelf, AFAC offers customers a variety of choices to suit most masking applications. As well as the stock lines, AFAC also produces custom made mouldings, extrusions and self adhesive shapes. With customers all over the country and around the World, AFAC can be relied on to deliver quality products at affordable prices for any size of business.

As well as high temperature masking supplies, AFAC also offers wet-spray friendly masking products made using non-silicone.

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