THBG – Silicone Rubber Bakewell Tabbed Hollow Bung


BAKEWELL TABBED HOLLOW-BUNGS are easier to fit and remove, by virtue of their rectangular tabs, than standard BUNGS, or HOLLOW-BUNGS.

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tabbed hollow bung

Technical information
Often, it isn’t easy to grip the top of the standard bungs, leading to increased labour costs and lost production time. The new TABBED HOLLOW-BUNG addresses this in a simple, but effective way. So for quicker masking of large holes, specify BAKEWELL HOLLOW-BUNGS.

Like all products in the BAKEWELL ranges, these are produced from temperature resistant silicone rubber, making them idea for use where very high or low temperatures are likely, such as in stoving ovens or freezing conditions. Being able to resist temperatures up to 315C, BAKEWELL products are the ideal choice for masking holes during electro-static powder coating, while also fi nding uses in other finishing operations and laboratories.

Additional information

Part Number

THBG-23.0-27.0CL, THBG-26.2-31.8CL, THBG-30.1-36.5CL, THBG-41.3-50.0CL, THBG-47.6-56.0CL