TSP – Silicone Rubber Bakewell Thread Start Plug


To prevent coatings from clogging the first turn of female threaded holes, such as rivet bushes, weld nuts, self-clinching nuts and tapped through holes, AFAC have developed the silicone rubber BAKEWELL THREAD START PLUG.


Thread Start Plug

thread start plug

Thread start plug

Additional information

Part Number

TSP-M03-08.0-BL, TSP-M03.5-08.0-CL, TSP-M04-08.0-GN, TSP-M05-10.0-LL, TSP-M06-12.0-BK, TSP-M08-15.0-WH, TSP-M10-18.0-BN, TSP-M12-20.0-GY

Hole sizes

M3, M4, M5, M6