Washer Pull Plug – Silicone Rubber Plug


The Washer Pull Plug offer a means of masking the bottom of a counterbore, or face, where an uncoated area is required around a through hole.

  • Colour coded for size
  • Re-usable
  • Suitable for Countersink holes
  • Suitable for Earthing Points
  • Suitable up to 315•c



The Washer Pull Plug – Silicone Rubber Plug

washer pull plug

Product Number ‘A’ Dia ‘B’ Dia Weight
UMB-02.9-10.0 10.00 mm 2.9 mm 0.44g
UMB-03.0-10.0 10.00 mm 3.0 mm 0.38g
UMB-03.5-10.0 10.00 mm 3.5 mm 0.47g
UMB-03.6-10.0 10.00 mm 3.6 mm 0.42g
UMB-03.8-10.0 10.00 mm 3.8 mm 0.61g
UMB-04.0-10.0 10.00 mm 4.0 mm 0.45g
UMB-04.5-10.0 10.00 mm 4.5 mm 0.57g
UMB-04.5-12.0 12.00 mm 4.5 mm 0.81g
UMB-04.7-12.7 12.70 mm 4.7 mm 0.83g
UMB-05.0-14.3 14.30 mm 5.0 mm 0.95g
UMB-05.0-10.0 10.00 mm 5.0 mm 0.68g
UMB-05.0-15.0L 15.00 mm 5.0 mm 01.31g
UMB-05.5-14.0 14.00 mm 5.5 mm 1.30g
UMB-05.0-15.0 15.00 mm 5.0 mm 1.14g
UMB-05.7-15.9 15.90 mm 5.7 mm 1.30g
UMB-06.0-15.0 15.00 mm 6.0 mm 1.20g
UMB-07.2-17.5 17.50 mm 7.2 mm 2.05g
UMB-07.2-15.0 15.00 mm 7.2 mm 1.61g
UMB-07.2-16.5 16.50 mm 7.2 mm 1.92g
UMB-07.4-16.0 16.00 mm 7.4 mm 1.88g
UMB-08.0-10.0 10.00 mm 8.0 mm 1.37g
UMB-08.0-15.0 15.00 mm 8.0 mm 1.74g
UMB-08.4-17.8 17.80 mm 8.4 mm 2.24g
UMB-08.8-20.6 20.60 mm 8.8 mm 2.95g
UMB-09.2-18.0 18.00 mm 9.2 mm 2.97g
UMB-09.5-20.0 20.00 mm 9.5 mm 3.15g
UMB-10.0-16.5 16.50 mm 10.0 mm 2.93g
UMB-10.0-20.0 20.00 mm 10.0 mm 3.33g
UMB-10.2-23.4 23.40 mm 10.2 mm 5.8 mm 4.44g
UMB-10.9-20.0 20.00 mm 10.9 mm 3.72g
UMB-10.9-28.5 28.50 mm 10.9 mm 8.47g
UMB-11.0-20.0 20.00 mm 11.0 mm 5.0 mm 3.90g
UMB-11.3-20.6 20.60 mm 11.3 mm 4.16g
UMB-11.7-27.0 27.00 mm 11.7 mm 5.45g
Technical information

The Washer Pull Plug offer the means of masking the bottom of a counterbore, or face, where an uncoated area is required around a through hole. The Washer Pull Plug features a chamfered masking flange to allow coating right to the edge of the flanged portion. Manufactured from bakewell silicone rubber, the Washer Pull Plug will withstand stoving cycles up to 315•c, making the ideal for use in electrostatic powder coating, Cerakote, wet painting, plating and anodising processes.

The Washer Pull Plug are best fitted after any cleaning operations. The small diameter tail is passed through the hole in the component until the larger diameter reaches the hole. The tail is pulled, allowing the larger diameter to slide into the hole in the component, until the face of the masking flange seals against the face needing masking.

After processing, the Washer Pull Plug is simply pulled out using the spigot above the chamfered flange. Removal is best undertaken while the coating is still warm.

The Washer Pull Plug can also be used with a masking washer, which when fitted to the reverse end of the plug, will mask an area on the opposite end of the hole.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Part Number

UMB-02.9-10.0, UMB-03.0-10.0, UMB-03.5-10.0, UMB-03.6-10.0, UMB-03.8-10.0, UMB-04.0-10.0, UMB-04.5-10.0, UMB-04.5-12.0, UMB-04.7-12.7, UMB-05.0-14.3, UMB-05.0-10.0, UMB-05.0-15.0, UMB-05.5-14.0, UMB-05.0-15.0, UMB-05.7-15.9, UMB-06.0-15.0, UMB-07.2-17.5, UMB-07.2-15.0, UMB-07.4-16.5, UMB-07.4-16.0, UMB-08.0-10.0, UMB-08.0-15.0, UMB-08.4-17.8, UMB-08.8-20.6, UMB-09.2-18.0, UMB-09.5-20.0, UMB-10.0-16.5, UMB-10.0-20.0, UMB-10.2-23.4, UMB-10.9-20.0, UMB-10.9-28.5, UMB-11.0-20.0, UMB-11.3-20.6, UMB-11.7-27.0