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Solving customer problems with bespoke design and production of silicone rubber mouldings.

The Problem

When one of our customers, manufacturing parts for a military vehicle, had a masking problem, they called on A.F.A.C.’s technical team to help them out. The problem they had was with a bracket that supported military radio equipment. This part needed to be powder coated, but also it needed to be earthed to the vehicle. To make matters harder for them, the holes through which it would be bolted to the vehicle’s bulkhead, had to be elongated into slots to enable the bracket to be adjusted when in position. This meant that the mask would not only have to mask the slots, but also the area around it.

The Solution

We soon came up with an idea of a variation of our BAKEWELL COMBIPLUG, but which would stretch into the slot and butt up against the area to be used for earthing. The design was submitted to the customer who accepted it immediately.

Drawings of the part were offered for final approval before a prototype mould was manufactured. From the parts produced on this mould, the customer was a able to try the part, before accepting the full order. They worked exactly as the design intended and production tools were manufactured, followed shortly after by the production parts.

AFAC solved this problem. Can we help solve yours?